Multimodal Transportation & Infrastructure Consortium
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Management Structure

Director's Advisory Council

The Multimodal Transportation and Infrastructure Consortium (MTIC) Director’s Advisory Council ensures MTIC’s overall strategic direction supports the USDOT national strategy by overseeing a collaboration effort from all centers and research.

The MTIC Director’s Advisory Council plays a vital role in guiding the strategic direction of MTIC. The Director’s Advisory Council:

  • Recommends improvements in research components
  • Provides counsel on research needs and the selection of research proposals
  • Oversees the collaboration efforts of all consortium members and direct improvements
  • Utilizes information provided by the metrics determine the overall effectiveness of the UTC
  • Evaluates collaborative efforts and MTIC’s ability to complete all transportation activities.

Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee reports to the Director’s Advisory Council and identifies the project selection and review team for proposal evaluation. The Council also advises the organization on research needs of the industry and guidelines to meet industry standards and influences the quality and impact the research completed by MTIC.

Education and Workforce Development Committee

The Education and Workforce Development Committee also reports to the Director’s Advisory Council. The Committee aims to improve communications between the academic community, government agencies, private industry and the public sector for degrees/programs in the field of transportation. The Education and Workforce Development Committee also assists in developing improved transportation programs at all academic levels for professional development and assesses the future needs of transportation professionals in relation to MTIC activities.

Technology Transfer Committeee

The Technology Transfer Committee reports to the Director’s Advisory Council. The Committee provides oversight of MTIC technology transfer to ensure compliance with RITA University Transportation Center guidelines. The Technology Transfer Committee also ensures the organization is properly dissemination research results to transportation professional and other public and private entities. The Committee also tracks and reports on the overall progress and success of technology transfer activities.